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Trip-drop publishes an updated and documented list of needs (non-cash) of centers all over the world (schools, orphanages, NGOs).

Select your destination in the list of countries and find out how, where and who you can help wherever you go. And if you pass by any school, ask them what they need and send us the information!

We ask them first, so the help is the required,  and comes complete, since you deliver it personally.
Besides, the locals  recommend us places to visit, those that never appear in the guides!

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TEDx of trip-drop, Google Campus, Madrid
Ponencia de 18 minutos, explicando el proyecto, con ejemplos, anécdotas y dimensión actual del ...


Interview on the News
Entrevista a los creadores de trip-drop, Daniel Losada y Pablo del Palacio, en el telediario, hablando de su ...


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