Do not forget that trip-drop is just a way to get to you, as you have the mail role in this. Our travellers are people who not only want to visit exotic and amazing places, they also want to know the local traditions and engage with their people. They love travelling, but they also want to know what you need and give it to y

Fill in as much information about you and your needs, to make it easier to the travellers to get to you (photos, info about the area, interesting places around..). As simple as that.


Whatever you want, but remember that the person that is going to help you is a traveller and his logistic and capacity is not big.

What kind of help I can not ask for?
Money. Trip-drop does not accept cash, and in general any object, substance or commodity that is prohibited. If you ask for medicines, make sure not prescription is required. Once you get it, check the expiration date. You can ask for food but keep in mind the logistics limitations of a traveller.


It is very simple. Once you fill out the form below, trip-drop will analize your proposal and we will contact you, and publish it as soon as possible in the website.


If you work for a non-profit organization, a school, a religious association, a hospital, etc.., or you know someone who needs something difficult to get in their region, this website is created to link travellers with local needs.

Please complete the following information.

Send us some pictures of the place and the people

The meaning of this initiative begins with the information that you give to us. There are so many people who want to give a hand, let´s coordinate it and make everyone feel useful helping wherever they go!